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Business enterprises across the country are faced with workplace laws and regulations that are becoming increasingly complex and confusing. Given the myriad of issues confronting human resource departments, it is essential that employers have a solid understanding of labor law and employment law and how it impacts the workplace.
Momentum’s Labor Law and Employment Law Group provides companies with tailored advice that minimizes the risk of expensive mistakes. Whether conducting an internal audit to ensure compliance with such laws as the Employment Act, or drafting separation agreements to protect the employer, Momentum’s attorneys provide strategic planning and innovative solutions to complex labor and employment issues.
Our labor and employment attorneys understand the unique challenges small businesses, federal contractors, enterprises face when their businesses grow. We can tailor plans to help businesses successfully deal with the new laws and regulations that impact their growing workforces. Through seminars, newsletters, and weekly updates, we keep our clients informed of changes in the laws and regulations affecting the workplace.
Although we emphasize counseling and preventive approaches, our seasoned attorneys are prepared to aggressively litigate employment matters when necessary. Whether the litigation involves claims of discrimination, wage and hour violations, or labor relations, our attorneys have defended employers in all forums – federal, state and administrative. Well-versed in working in jurisdictions and with federal agencies across the nation, our Labor and Employment Law Group has the expertise to meet your labor and employment law needs.

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